Data Engineering Laboratory

Data Engineering Laboratory

Head of Data Engineering Laboratory : Is Mardianto, S. Si, M. Kom
Laboratory Technician : Muhamad Ichsan Gunawan, S. Kom

Data Engineering Laboratory Profiles

Today the Data Engineering Laboratory is equipped with network system devices that meet CISCO standards. The upcoming plan, the Computer NetworkIng Laboratory will focus on the need for science data infrastructure such as cloud computing to handle big-data cases that are one of the supporting capabilities in the field of data science.

Then to support students’ understanding of how a Big Data environment is built, then one of the things that will be prepared in this laboratory is the provision of Raspberry PI,which is hardware that can be used to simulate or exercise the parameter settings of a server. .

The Data Engineering Laboratory also plans to provide data science application infrastructure by leasing servers and services on cloud services such as AWS and Digitalocean. As for the software will be sought to provide the X-Pack license(Machine Learning ELK Stack)as data analytics software.

Data Engineering Laboratory also seeks to support the activities of the academic community in carrying out research, practicums or tasks from courses, including courses: Computer Organization, Operating System, Computer Network, Cloud Computing and the development of science related to the branch of Operating Systems science, Computer Technology and Computer Networking.

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